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Eric has been coaching sales professionals for more than 25 years. His principles for success work regardless of your market.

What Does EricSaid Coaching Look Like?


E-Learning Platforms

Scaling your business requires the ability to deliver systematized training materials to clients, employees, potential buyers, partners, and others in consistent and automated fashion. We can build one for you.

Sales Training

Not talking to enough people or closing enough sales? For more than 25 years Eric has been one of the top sales trainers in the nation. Training more than 10,000 sales agents His sales training programs are simply the best.

Training Development

Having developed training and marketing materials for multiple industries Eric and his team are capable of capturing your message and delivering exactly what you need to get the maximum ROI on your training efforts.

Speaking Engagements

Looking for a speaker for that special event, workshop, kickoff event, or training seminar? Eric has been speaking professionally since 1979. He brings energy and a personal charisma that connects with people on a deeper level than most in the industry.

Business Success Coaching

Not hitting your business goals? Eric’s team consists of more than 113 years of Business coaching from Fortune 500 level businesses to the Mom and Pop down the street we've helped them all.

Community Impact Program

What if you could change the way your community represented itself to the ever-changing marketplace? Designed to discover the needs of a community and deliver exactly what is needed to fill in the gaps, maximize ad spend, and broker JV partnerships for greater profits.

Entrepreneur Coaching

The entrepreneur mindset is challenging and often difficult to focus on the bigger picture of the business. Eric has been training entrepreneurs for more than 10 years.

App Development

Need an App for that? We have an app development team that can make it happen. Entrepreneur coaching experience, technical expertise, and marketing platforms combine to make your vision of an app for that a reality.

Business Consulting

Need more than a coach? Can’t implement the things you know you need? Then you need a consultant to take certain aspects of your business and elevate them to a productive level.

"Eric is a very well spoken, intelligent man. The only thing bigger than his sales and overall business knowledge is his desire to help people." ~HANS ANDERSON Professional Entrepreneur
"I have had the pleasure of learning from Eric through a variety of his projects; seminars, Live events, and his group oriented coaching strategies. All of these opportunities have brought me new wisdom and strategies to grow my online business!" ~JOHN PRYOR Sales professional New Gear Media
"I can count on one hand the number of people that I would blindly follow up a hill - Eric is one of them. A soft spoken generous people-oriented person, Eric shepherds people steadfastly toward personal success thereby ensuring the success of the team and, ultimately, of the organization. They don't come any better." ~DERYCK JONES CEO Leatherneck Tech Inc.
"If you want to dramatically increase your business and leverage your full potential then Eric is the one man you should listen to... Learn from a true master of sales, marketing, and coaching." ~THOM RIGSBY CEO The Knolworx Company LLC
"Eric is my online Moses, his word is gospel, leader of the common people who desire to free themselves from financial burden and self-imposed limitations."~JOSEPH YANNI Programmer/developer


Eric is an experienced Business Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Coaching, Sales, and Retail. Eric is a strong community and social services professional graduated from Luther Rice Seminary. Experienced sales professional/trainer with a 25 year track record having trained more than 10,000 sales professional. Training focuses on sound principles for permanent success. 


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Eric Works With A Team of Highly Trained Professionals

Thom Rigsby
Amber Dawn
Eric Mulford
Chief Harmonizer
Zak Nixon
App Development Lead
Cynthia Merryman
Webinar Expert/Coach
Jessica Riley
Designer/Managment Coach
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